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Paris Climate Talks

World Leaders Seek to Resolve Climate Change Divisions

World leaders converged on a locked-down Paris for climate-change talks, ready to face tough negotiations between rich and poor economies, high polluters and countries already suffering from rising temperatures.

The Outlook

Divergent Paths for Fed and ECB

Developments this week are set to widen the gap between the likely path of interest rates in the two regions and add to currency turbulence that has produced a 12% increase in the value of the dollar against the euro.

Extremists Reach Out to Refugees in Germany

German officials are becoming increasingly concerned that local extremists will seek to radicalize recently arrived migrants. 60

OPEC Is Ready to Rumble Over Saudi Output

Pressure is building on Saudi Arabia to rein in its oil output after a year of pumping full tilt, setting up the most contentious OPEC meeting in years this week.

2050: Demographic Destiny

Graying Japan Tries to Embrace Golden Years

Entrepreneurs are exploring robotics and other innovations to unleash the potential of Japan’s elderly.

BTG Pactual CEO Resigns After Arrest

BTG Pactual’s André Esteves resigns after Brazil’s Supreme Court agreed to keep the billionaire banker in jail in connection with the government’s Petrobras investigation.

Pope Calls for End to Religious Violence in Mosque Visit

Pope Francis launched a call for an end to religious violence on Monday, capping his trip to Africa with a visit to a Central African Republic mosque that is a haven for Muslims fleeing violence by Christian militias.

Europe File

Banking Union Illustrates EU’s Weakness

Contrary to the euroskeptic belief that Brussels rides roughshod over member states’ sovereignty, what marks the EU isn’t its power but its weakness, Simon Nixon writes.

Islamic State Entrenches in Libya

Sirte, on Libya’s Mediterranean coast across from Europe, has become the first city Islamic State governs outside of Syria and Iraq. 160

Pope Calls for Harmony

Pope Francis called on fighters waging a civil war in Central African Republic to lay down their weapons, during a trip that raised hopes that his visit would kick-start a stalled peace process.

Israel Suspends Diplomatic Contact With Some EU Bloc Bodies

Israel’s Prime Minister ordered the country’s foreign ministry to suspend diplomatic contact with EU bodies involved in Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, after the bloc’s decision to label products made in the occupied territories.

Visa-Waiver Program Gets Scrutiny

Following an initial clash over how to respond to the Paris terrorist attacks, Congress and the White House are finding more common ground in efforts to bolster security through the program that makes it easier for foreigners to travel to the U.S. without obtaining a visa.

Abreast of the Market

Forget Going Public, U.S. Companies Want to Get Bought

U.S. companies are dropping initial public offerings and selling themselves at the highest rate in three years, underscoring the gap between volatile financial markets and a booming merger business.

Heard on the Street

Retail Stocks: Coping With Teen Angst

It’s tough for investors in retail stocks to go on a buying spree. They want consistency even though teen retailers’ customers are notoriously fickle.

Aberdeen Raises Dividend Despite Emerging Markets Rout

Investors have continued to pull money out of Aberdeen Asset Management, the U.K.-based emerging markets investment manager, but the company has decided to increase its dividend anyway.

Global Stocks Rise Ahead of ECB Meeting

Global stocks climbed Monday, as investors continued to bet on further stimulus from the European Central Bank ahead of a much-anticipated meeting later in the week.

Small German Firms Hold Edge in Iran

Small and mostly family-owned German firms whose products aren’t covered by international sanctions have conducted business with Iran legally and could be among the first to benefit from its expected reopening.

AB InBev Plans to Sell Grolsch, Peroni Brands

Anheuser-Busch InBev plans to sell two of SABMiller’s best-known beer brands, Grolsch and Peroni, as the world’s largest brewer seeks to ease European regulatory concerns over its pending acquisition of its biggest rival.

Shareholder Wants Probe of Northwest Biotherapeutics Allegations

A major shareholder is urging biotechnology firm Northwest Biotherapeutics to hold an inquiry into allegations about the governance of the company by Chairwoman and Chief Executive Linda Powers.

Amazon Touts New Drone Prototype, Plans Multiple Designs on Sunday showed off a new drone prototype for its planned 30-minute unmanned delivery service.


Trouble in the Checkout Line: Which Way to Pay?

The choice at checkout used to be simple: Cash or credit? Now, holiday shoppers must figure out whether to dip or swipe, wave or tap as payment methods proliferate. You really want to pay with your watch? 59


Why U.S. Women Will Be An Olympic Force

U.S. women have become a force for the Olympic team, and behind the rise is Title IX, the federal law whose requirements essentially funnel females into Olympic sports.

Kobe Bryant to Retire at End of Season

The Los Angeles Lakers star said in a poem announcing his retirement that “this season is all I have left to give.”


Paris Climate Conference: The Big Picture


Obama Visits Bataclan Memorial in Paris


Paris Climate-Change Protesters Clash with Police


Rumble Seat

A Mustang for Those Who Want to Start a Parade

The 2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible with the California Special trim package is not something to be overlooked, writes Dan Neil.

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Musicians Take (Over) the A Train

Some straphangers aboard the A train in New York on Sunday were treated to jazz in celebration of the 100th anniversary of late composer Billy Strayhorn’s birth.

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Digitaler Escort-Service erobert Facebook

Dass Facebook-Freunde nicht alle Freunde fürs – oder besser gesagt im – Leben sind, hat sich ja mittlerweile herum gesprochen.


Auch 100 oder 1.000 Freunde sind immer noch keine Garantie, dass jemand zum Geburtstag gratuliert. Und wenn doch, dann wird meist lieblos eine Art von Glückwunsch auf die „Wall“ getippt. Kaum jemand nimmt sich die Zeit, mal zum Handy zu greifen, um einige persönliche Wünsche fernmündlich (so hieß das früher) zu übermitteln.

Und wer nur Facebook-Freunde hat, der ist in den wirklich wichtigen Momenten des Lebens ziemlich einsam. Haben Sie schon mal versucht, bei Liebeskummer mit Ihrer besten Facebook-Freundin mitten in der Nacht den sozialen Austausch im Netz zu pflegen?

Immerhin: Bislang hatten Facebook-Freunde eins gemein: sie existierten real. Wenn man also seine Freunde in dem sozialen Netzwerk wissen ließ, dass man gerade bei Lidl in Offenbach an der Supermarkt-Kasse steht, bestand eine gute Chance, dass das irgendjemand gelesen und vielleicht sogar kommentiert hat.

Doch die sozial-digitale Revolution geht weiter: In Brasilien können sich Männer jetzt für eine Handvoll Real eine gefälschte Facebook-Freundin zulegen. Die schreibt dann Nachrichten, glänzt mit ihrem Profilfoto und natürlich wird auch der Beziehungsstatus im eigenen Profil geändert. Ideal, um die Ex eifersüchtig zu machen, bei seinen Freunden Eindruck zu schinden oder seine Mutter zu beruhigen, dass man nach unstetem Leben bald in den Hafen der Ehe einlaufe, erklärten die Macher.

Bald soll dann auch Gleichberechtigung möglich sein: Dann lassen sich für Frauen auch gefälschte männliche Facebook-Freunde mieten. Gefällt mir!

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