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Slovakian Shop Eyed as Source of Guns in Prior Terror Attacks

A store in Slovakia was a source for weapons that European security officials say were used by jihadists in at least two terror attacks earlier this year, a troubling sign of how easily guns can travel across the continent’s borders. 133

Monuhar Ullah to Leave Bank of America

Monuhar Ullah, a senior manager who helped oversee controversial tax-focused trading strategies in Bank of America Corp.’s equities division, is leaving the bank.

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Barclays Likely to Test Investors’ Stress Levels

The U.K. stress tests have a focus on emerging markets, but investors may have overlooked the potential corporate credit woes.

Migrants’ Plight Is Worsened by Security Crackdown

Tougher border controls in the Balkans following the Paris attacks have left thousands of people, including children, stranded just as a wintry blast sweeps across the region.

2050: Demographic Destiny

For a Growing Africa, Hope Mingles With Fear of the Future

As population growth slows everywhere else, an African baby boom could pull the world’s poorest continent into the center of global affairs.

Putin Snubs Overtures From Erdogan

Russian President Vladimir Putin is refusing to accept overtures from Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan because Turkey has failed to apologize for downing a Russian warplane, the Kremlin said. 94

Paris Climate Talks Face High Barriers and High Hopes

Amid France’s security clampdown, negotiators must bridge a rift between industrialized countries and poorer countries demanding financial help for carbon limits that could hamper their development. 92

Weekend Confidential

Francois-Henri Pinault: The Business of Luxury

The chairman and chief executive of the $21 billion luxury group Kering on fashion, e-commerce and the true meaning of luxury.

Style & Fashion

A Cool Way for Guys to Stay Warm This Winter

You needn’t choose between freezing elegantly in an overcoat and staying toasty in an ungainly puffer. Just layer a radically slim jacket beneath your topper.

Adventure & Travel

The Best Private-Island Vacations for Every Budget—Even Yours!

With private-island getaways available for every taste and pocketbook, you don’t have to be a Silicon Valley success story to indulge your Crusoe fantasies. Here, a guide to 12 winning options.


Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole Challenge

The legendary physicist tries to solve a mind-bending puzzle known as the “information paradox.”

Heard on the Street

AIG Brawl Could Leave Investors Bruised

Carl Icahn’s battle with AIG’s management have pushed the insurance giants shares higher. Investors should beware of turbulence ahead.

Brazilian Banking Star Is Arrested

The arrest of Brazilian billionaire André Esteves has caused unease among clients of his firm, BTG Pactual, the country’s biggest independent investment bank.

Water Troubles in Tiny Chilean Town Threaten Global Copper Supply

The future price of copper and the growth of companies that produce it could hinge on a single precious resource: water.

Gas Driller Hits a Gusher—and Sinks Its Own Stock

A big find typically would send an energy company’s stock surging, but in an industry awash in the commodity, it is having the opposite effect of pushing down share prices. 54

Real Estate

Industrial Design Wins Over Suburbanites

Open floorplans, exposed ductwork, concrete floors and other elements of industrial design are increasingly found in suburbia.


Vale Acknowledges Toxic Waste in River

Brazilian miner Vale acknowledged for the first time the presence of toxic elements in river water following the disastrous failure of a dam at its Samarco joint venture, two days after a critical U.N. report.

Chesapeake’s Boss Faces Tall Order

Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler has spent the past two years trying to turn around an icon of the U.S. energy boom in turmoil financially, operationally and culturally.

Pope Criticizes ‘New Colonialism’ During Slum Visit

Pope Francis on a visit to a slum in Nairobi said those living in such communities are victims of “new forms of colonialism” by rich countries and said the urban poor have a “sacred right” to have their basic needs met.

China to Build Naval Logistics Facility in Djibouti

China plans to build its first overseas naval installation in the East African nation of Djibouti, expanding the geographical reach of its armed forces as Beijing seeks to protect its growing economic and security interests around the globe.

Greece Faces Two-Week Reform Deadline to Unlock Aid

Greece has two weeks to implement major economic reform, including changes to its banking sector, to receive $1.1 billion in financial aid, according to an agreement struck by eurozone finance ministries.

Russian Defense Industry Hits Speed Bumps

The Russian military has shown off its new fighting power during its airstrikes in Syria, but at home parts of the military-industrial complex are faltering.


French Buck Tradition by Flying Flags


Paris Attack's Injured Taken to Memorial From Hospital


Paris Attacks: Hollande Pays Tribute to Victims

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Welcome to Lamu: Africa’s Most Captivating Artists Retreat

A remote African island is home to an extraordinary artists retreat created by bon vivant Nicholas Logsdail—founder of Lisson Gallery and nephew of Roald Dahl.


In ‘Artist and Empire,’ Britons Face Up to the Past

The exhibition ‘Artist and Empire,’ at the Tate Britain, covers works about the country’s imperial past.

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Ob wir denn einmal in den Himmel kommen, müssen wir abwarten. Aber unseres letzten Willen können wir schon mal in der Wolke, nämlich der Cloud, ablegen: Das ist sicher, behauptet zumindest die Firma MyOwnSafe aus dem irdischen Filderstadt-Bonlanden.


Für Hinterbliebene ist es in einer solchen emotionalen Ausnahmesituation entscheidend, möglichst umfassend informiert zu sein. „Der schnelle Zugriff auf die persönlichen Wünsche und Dokumente des Verstorbenen ist hier sehr wichtig,“ sagt Geschäftsführer Dr. Norbert Jaeger. Hinterbliebene können somit sofort die im Vorfeld festgelegten Maßnahmen, zum Beispiel die Bestattungsart, einsehen und umsetzen, heißt es in der Pressemitteilung.

Das macht ja irgendwie Sinn. Doch warum das System schneller sein soll, als einfach das Testament des Hinterbliebenen  zu suchen, lässt MyOwnSafe offen.

Im Gegenteil, das Geschäftsmodell wirft Fragen auf: „Niemand außer dem Nutzer selbst ist somit imstande, diese Daten zu entschlüsseln, auch beim Vorgang des Abrufens,“ heißt es in der Mitteilung weiter. Unklar bleibt, wie die Daten aus der Cloud nach dem Ableben abgerufen werden können. Soll der Entschlüsselungscode aus dem Jenseits gesendet werden?

Letztlich weiß niemand, und das ist gut so, wann ihm die Stunde schlägt. Das aber spielt der Firma von Geschäftsführer Norbert Jaeger geradezu in die Hände. Die kostenlose Testphase der Basisversion von MyOwnSafe ist auf 30 Tage begrenzt.

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